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Geothermal heat

The earth core has an extremely high temperature. This heat has its effect on the temperature of deep subterranean water. At a depth of 50 meters (in The Netherlands) this temperature is usable for heating greenhouses and buildings. This makes geothermal heat a promising sustainable energy source, but for now the installation cost for using this heat source is high. The investment is currently 10 times higher as a traditional system based on fossil fuel.

A second form of geothermal heat is the solar energy that is stored in the ground. The sun heats up the earth surface and this heat can be harvested. In order to ensure optimal use of this geothermal heat, Honeywell offers control solutions for the highest efficiency for your geothermal heating system. With the right control system these systems are a perfect solution for reducing the cost of the energy bill, but furthermore they are a clean, natural and renewable energy source.

For the future is geothermal heat an important heating source. Compared with traditional oil and gas reserves the potential of gethermal heat is 50.000 times higher and has no CO2 emissions.


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