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Honeywell is known as a front runner in applying innovative control solutions. Together with our partners we develop new solutions for producing, transporting and storing energy. Specially renewable and sustainable energy sources ask for creative and technically advanced solutions with regards to greenhouse control applications. And every solution is developed in close cooperation with specialized engineers and cultivators.



Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of heat and power in a single thermodynamic process to obtain the highest efficiency in energy use. Cogeneration today is widely used throughout the world for efficient production of heat and power and the number of cogeneration sites is expected to expand rapidly. Honeywell and its partners have obtained huge experience over the past years in applying cogenration plants in numerous greenhouse production sites.


Thermal Storage


In agricultural applications the use of heat- and cold storage in subterranean groundwater layers is on the rise. The projection and installation of these groundwater layers demands extreme specific knowledge. Honeywell has extended experience in sustainable applications and control management of groundwater layers. The heat or cold that is stored is mainly produced with heating pumps.


Geothermal heat


The earth core has an extremely high temperature. This heat has its effect on the temperature of deep subterranean water. At a depth of 50 meters (in The Netherlands) this temperature is usable for heating greenhouses and buildings. This makes geothermal heat a promising sustainable energy source, but for now the installation cost for using this heat source is high. The investment is currently 10 times higher as a traditional system based on fossil fuel.


Biogenetic light


Together with her partner Lexin has Honeywell developed a heating system based on biogenetic light. Biogenetic light is light with an extreme long wavelength of 10.000 nanometer. The heating panels will not heat up the air, but the surfaces of plants. Because ther is no loss of energy in the air the efficiency on the plants is 100%. All the other parts of the greenhouse which are in reach of the heating panels will be equally heated and subsequently heat up the air in the greenhouse.


Corrosion prevention


One of the biggest threats for the internal parts in heating and cooling plants is corrosion. Corrosion exist in every installation and is the result of active oxygen and electro chemical reactions. The result is a black powder that deposits in installation parts where the water flow is low. The powder has a negative effect on bleeding valves, expansion barrels and the overall quality of the pipe work.


Heating and Cooling


Higher energy costs put entrepreneurs on a search for improved energy use and to lower their energy bill. Climate control has become more versatile over the past years and new innovative solutions are used to optimize energy management in greenhouses. Examples are temporarily earth storage of surplus energy and optimized co generation. As global field equipment market leader, Honeywell has an important contribution in improving these solutions and dedicates its innovative power to improve and and develop products, systems and services for agricultural use.

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