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Worldwide thousands of greenhouses rely on Honeywell control products and applications. First on ones mind are our well known and appreciated control and mixing valves. Every year a fast number of new users is immensely satisfied with our solutions for crop improvement, energy saving and CO2 reduction. Honeywell offers first class quality with highly appreciated products, proven solutions and excellent service. All of them fully adapted at the branches specific demands

Heating and Cooling Installations


Higher energy costs put entrepreneurs on a search for improved energy use and to lower their energy bill. Climate control has become more versatile over the past years and new innovative solutions are used to optimize energy management in greenhouses. Examples are temporarily earth storage of surplus energy and optimized cogeneration. As global field equipment market leader, Honeywell has an important contribution in improving these solutions and dedicates its innovative power to improve and and develop products, systems and services for agricultural use.


Control Equipment


Agriculture shows a more dynamic development and demands tailor made control solutions. Chicken farms, greenhouses or cattle facilities; Honeywell offers flexible and dependable control applications. Web based state of the art controllers make the system accessible from every place on earth, without the need for specific software. These control applications have a proven track record in both greenhouse and mushroom production. But also for smaller, less demanding applications with control, mixing and/or air valves for HVAC applications can you depend on our experience.


Various Products


Honeywell offers a wide product range in sensors and switching actuators. Ranging from wireless room and water temperature sensors till innovative humidity sensors, CO2-, air quality- and temperature sensors. And further more industrial sensors for HVAC control, pressure difference sensors to monitor filter quality, flow control and maximum pressure control in gaseous media. Finally we also offer frost protection thermostats, hydrostatic and condensation sensors.


Spare Parts


To support scheduled maintenance of our equipment offers Honeywell a complete spare parts list. This list contains the products with their part number and clear illustrations. The lay out of the list gives you a clear and fast opportunity to select and order the necessary parts. Proper scheduled maintenance ensures the best efficiency and prolongs the life span of your installation.


Obsolete Parts Replacement


Honeywell offers a digital replacement overview of obsolete equipment. This overview gives in a glance the best usable replacement part.

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